BVRio and FSC Peru host a webinar about COVID19 in the Chinese timber sector

BVRio and FSC Peru are working together to promote certified and legal timber from Peru to the international market. On 19 August, both organisations hosted a webinar for Peruvian timber companies. This was an informative session that included presentations from two Chinese timber companies, who shared their experience in the sector during the COVID19 pandemic.

Both of the speakers from China were very pleased to participate in the webinar and hope to get to know more of the Peruvian timber companies that attended. Mr Zhou Haoshen, vice president of Foshan City Nanhai Yanbu Bolin (佛山市南海盐步柏林木业家私厂) told BVRio after the webinar that they welcome the attendees of the webinar to visit Foshan city and their company in the near future. Miss Liao Jie (江西永春实业有限公司), director of Jiangxi Yongchun Shiye Limited Company, shared the sentiment, saying, “We hope there is a chance to meet with all of you in the future so that we can learn from each other”.

Additionally, as part of the webinar, BVRio presented the Responsible Timber Exchange platform (RTX) and FSC Peru gave an update on their work in Peru, where the area of certified forest has exceeded a million hectares under FSC forest management certification this year.

Around 20 participants from timber companies and other relevant actors from the government, such as representatives from OSINFOR and the Ministry of Production, registered and attended the session. FSC Peru considered the event to be a success and the exporting association of the country (ADEX) got in touch with BVRio soon after the webinar to get more information on the RTX because many of their timber company members are interested in using it.

Thanks to the webinar and the subsequent interest of attendees in the RTX platform, BVRio is hoping to get many companies from Peru to sign up and start selling their timber through our platform.