How you can help

We cannot achieve our mission alone. In order to deliver lasting and positive impact for the economy, the environment and people, BVRio is seeking funding and delivery partners to join with us.

The window of opportunity to address the impending environmental crisis is small. Now is the time to be bold and take decisive actions that can halt the devastating effects of deforestation, waste and climate change. The challenge is huge, but we are confident that our market based solutions will enable businesses and governments to come together and deliver transformative and financially viable change for the environment, economy and people.

Our work is funded by international governments, businesses, and trusts and foundations. In order to scale our impact across the globe, we need to work with more philanthropic funders, corporate and international organisations. 

We’d love to hear from anyone who wishes to join with us to deliver positive and lasting impact.

Plans for the future

BVRio has ambitious plans for the future. We want to continue to build on our achievements and deliver impact across the globe by replicating and scaling our approach internationally. By 2025, we plan to deliver the following results for the environment:

  • To facilitate the recovery of 1,000,000 tonnes plastic waste from the environment 
  • To protect 1,000,000 hectares of land
  • To reduce CO2 emissions by 25M tonnes 

In order to achieve these outcomes, we are seeking partners and funding to enable us continue our existing work, and to support development of a number of exciting projects and activities.

Future Development Areas

get in touch to work with us in the following areas

We want to enable more projects in the directory to receive the support they need. We are also excited to partner with more corporate organisations. There are opportunities to sponsor the Hub and offset plastic footprints by supporting various projects across the globe.

Development of the Circular Action Hub

Expanding our innovative approaches to waste recovery to more industries and waste items that cause negative environmental impacts, such as textiles, electricals and food.

Increasing waste material type recovery and recycling

There is a need for financial incentives and due diligence programmes to ensure the sustainability of supply chains (including soy, cocoa, coffee etc.) and support farmers to adhere to legislation.

Expanding our work on sustainable agriculture for other commodities

We are looking to expand our work promoting the trade of legal and sustainable timber, including work in Peru to connect buyers and sellers, and in Ghana to promote the trade of sustainable lesser-known timber species to EU markets.

Promoting the trade of legal and sustainable timber